The Tusk Audio Session Players are available for hire to artists recording at Tusk Audio. Please email [email protected] to discuss needs and pricing. 

Roy Davis and the Tusk Audio Session Players have been writing, producing, arranging, performing, talking about, and collaborating on musical projects for a sum total of hundreds of years. They perform original folk/soul/experimental/electronic/minimalist/acoustic/hip-hop/jazz/groove/singer-songwriter songs at venues throughout the northeast. Each show is different, with various band members presenting songs and switching instruments.


Roy Davis has released four albums and toured the US and Europe numerous times, sharing stages and collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned bluegrass and acoustic musicians.

“Davis has the ability to be varied, yet straight forward and managing all the puzzle pieces to fit perfect…You want to listen to hear what he will come up with next, and when that line hits, you smile…Roy Davis is the king of dry wit, self deprecation, and he is an absolute genius songwriter.” Red Line Roots

“Is late night music a genre? It should be…the minimalist approach works well and is complimented by Roy’s vocals that are sincere, yearning and often vulnerable resulting in a mood that recalls stripped down YHFish Jeff Tweedy.” No Depression


BERNIE NYE is a Tusk Audio collaborator for many years and plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, banjo, and is a producer.

BEN COSGROVE – Piano and keyboard player that performs with the Tusk Audio Session Band and is available to hire for recording.